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More than 20 years experience in Oracle Technologies with 12+ years in OLFM development and implementation at various clients like GE Comfin, Beckman Coulter, Navistar, Ricoh, Sunrun.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the article. have one questio on best way to give a condition in custom soruce .
    If a condition is given with in a function like for example execute the function only when say Tranaction source = ‘XYZ’, would SLA scan all transaaction types and then select tranasctions of type XYZ from them for sla custom source execution or woudl the sla deviate standard accounting to custom account only when it finds ttransactions of ranaction source =xyz..
    note that in ADR parameters, source is given as Transaction source.

    if system scans all transaction types and then select XYZ, then it will have impact on performance. instead if system fires or deviates to custom accounting only when it finds transactiton souce XYZ then it will not have iperformance mpact.. wanted to go with less performance impact opton.. Thank you

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