Latest Enhancements to OLFM R12.1.3

  1. Lessors can author Lease contracts with mix of new and re-leased assets on the same contract. Prior to this enhancement it was possible to place only either new or only re-leased assets on a contract. Mixing of new and old assets was not possible.


  1. Users will be able update the salvage value assigned in asset books for assets created or updated during contract booking and rebooking.


  1. Users can select the day conventions Actual/365 and Actual/360 (Days in a Month/Days in Year) in loans and leases with the Interest Calculation Method Re-amortization.


  1. Enhancements to the processing of pass-through disbursements.


  1. Numbering convention for asset in OLFM.


  1. Users can rebook contracts using variable rate products where variable interest has been processed.


  1. Consolidation of AP Invoices will be done based on the parameters in the Vendor Disbursement setup defined in Lease for a Vendor and Site Combination.


  1. Users can associate subsidies to financed fee contract lines. Prior to this subsidies were applicable only to assets.


  1. Users will be allowed to rebook variable rate re-amortization contracts.


  1. Users can pay passthru disbursements to vendors on a scheduled basis.


  1. Users will be able to create stub payments in variable rate reamortization contracts.


  1. The ability to consolidate multiple quotes of different terminations types for a contract.


  1. The ability for users to select a termination process where termination transactions are not triggered by termination quote acceptance but rather by the completion of transactions derived from the quote, such as asset returns or termination quote invoice payments.


  1. Accrual processing is enhanced to enable users can specify which of the accrual streams should be reversed in case the Accrual Rule fails.


  1. The ability to quote and process contract renewals as well as additional changes to termination processing.


  1. Enhancements to the Acceptance and Cancellation of Mid and End-of-Term Quotes.

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  1. Hi Kanti, nice summary of new features available with Delta27. It would help if you can write-up list of features that will not be backward compatible and will only be available in R12.2. It would help someone that is considering upgrade to 12.2 but not sure what that entails! Thanks.

    • Hi Aditya, All the new features listed here are available in R12.1.3 and are likely to be forward ported to R12.2. Yes, we will try to list the new features which will be available exclusively in R12.2 and will not get back-ported to R12.1.3. Regards..

  2. Hi Kanti,

    Please confirm if there is any increase in number of streams that can be added to product template. Currently we are using 12.1.3. We are restricted to less than 150 streams. Our business wants some flexibility on this front.



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