Creating accounting template may consume lot of time if done manually through oracle’s standard screen. We have created a Web ADI based tool which can save you lot of time and efforts. You can put all your template data in excel sheet and upload it to OLFM by a click.

The tool will do all the required validations as done by the standard OLFM screens. Using this method, you can upload 1000 of templates in one go.It makes use of oracle’s public APIs to upload the data.

You can upload templates with or without template lines (like when you use SLA, you do not need accounting information).The tool is very easy to install and use.

It comes with a user guide to help you at every stage. We provide you support at every stage in its installation and usage.Please write to or call on +1-630-448-4960 for scheduling a demo.

Formulas are the used everywhere in OLFM. Formula is a mathematical expression made of operands. The operands can be derived from PL/SQL function, they can be constant or they can be derived from another formula.In OLFM, defining formula is a tedious process.

You have to first define functions, then define operands and associate them with functions and then define formula and associate these operands.

Defining one formula may take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes. When we have many formulas to define (an average implementation may have 100 formulas), it could take lot of precious time for functional consultant.

We have made the formula definition easy using web ADI template. You can put your formulas, labels, operands and functions in an excel sheet and create formulas in OLFM with a click.

All validations are performed on the excel sheet itself and we use Oracle’s public API to create formulas. This is a great productivity tool which can be used by an OLFM implementation to save time and efforts.


Please write to or call on +1-630-448-4960 for scheduling a demo.

Termination Quotes Upload
term_quotes Oracle has provided a standard interface to load termination quotes into OLFM. This process involves loading records into interface table and then running the import program.Traditional approach we normally take is to create a custom staging table and load the termination data using SQL Loader. After loading the data, we have a PL/SQL program which validates the data and moves to interface table.

This is a cumbersome process which needs help of IT resources to FTP the data, running SQL Loader on Unix and writing PL/SQL Code for validation.

We have simplified the process to load the termination data by making use of Web ADI Template. All the standard validations are done on the template data and it is loaded into interface table. Once the data is loaded, the process automatically calls the Import API which creates termination quotes in OLFM.

Please write to or call on +1-630-448-4960 for scheduling a demo.

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